Direct To Garment

Direct To Garment

What is DTG?

From small humble beginnings Snuggle has grown, expanded, diversified and more importantly has printed. The key to our success is that we print, then we print and then we printed some more. Started by it’s founders in 2011 it’s still run by the same people, the same people who have printed, and not only still print today but are passionate about print.


We have the experience that you need to ensure your prints will look as good as possible, we have state of the art cutting edge printing technology to ensure we can print using the very latest in printing prowess, we have trained passionate teams who print every last item with care and attention, we have the skills to ensure your orders will always be the best they can be.

  • Experience Fast Turnaround

    With a daily capacity of 12000+prints per day if you find yourself in a tight spot, speak to us. We’ll do whatever we can to help with fast express turnarounds.

  • Experience competitive prices

    We offer some of the best digital print prices in the market. Your growth & success is paramount to ours, so we’re competitively priced to allow for your continued growth.

  • Experience Outstanding Service

    We know what’s it like to be let down by someone; so we’ll make sure you’re not let down by us. It’s the reason why our passionate experienced teams handle your orders with love, care & attention.

  • Experience Incredible Quality

    Using the latest DTG technology means we’re at the forefront of digital printing, offering exceptional quality prints for you and your customers.

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